Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do you supply food ?

A. Yes.
We feed both Whiskas wet and dry foods.
However, if your cat has any special dietary requirements or preferences, you are more than welcome to supply your own food.
Please note, if your supplied food runs out during your cat’s stay we will feed with our standard commercial food as required. 

Q. Does my cat need to be vaccinated ?

A. Definitely yes.
No vaccination, no stay – for the protection of all cats a current vaccination certificate must be produced.
Cats require a current F3 or F4 Vaccination.
Vaccination must have been administered within the previous 12 months, and not due for a booster until after scheduled checkout date. For long term occupants requiring a vaccination while in our care, we can provide transport (additional cost) to a veterinarian to receive this.

Q. Should my cat be treated for fleas

A. Victorian Government regulation require all cats be regularly wormed and treated for fleas.
Unfortunately flees are a fact of life, but if your cat is treated correctly – they should not get them.
· Cats staying longer than 1 month will need to be regularly treated during their stay. Treatments can be either owner supplied or supplied by Karingal Cattery (at owners expense)

Q. What kitty litter do you use ?

A. We use CATMATE, it is an eco-friendly wood pellet litter.